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Company History

The Osselaer Management Group was founded in 1965 by Thomas F. Osselaer, then known as The Osselaer Company, specializing in apartments and mini storages. We’ve grown steadily over the years due to the satisfaction of our client base. Today, the Osselaer portfolio includes the management of planned communities, homeowners’ associations, condominiums and townhouses.

Having served Arizona families for over 50 years allows Osselaer many competitive advangages. It begins with personal service. When you phone the company, you will always speak with a live person, never encountering an automated system. The atmosphere around the office is one of compassion and each employee understands the value of happiness and of your experience with us.

In house monthly educational seminars conducted by the top law firms, insurance organizations and other companies specializing in the needs of the community associations help to ensure all managers receive the ultimate level of training. It is important to understand that our client first approach is a deeply engrained philosophy that extends to our very first client (which we still manage) to our most recent. Simply stated, we don’t manage from behind a desk.

Our results driven style enables us to exceed the expectations of our communities. We come to your community to solve issues personally and we do so with an eye on saving you, our valued client, money.

After 50 plus years of putting the client first, you’ll truly notice the difference.