Frequently Asked Questions

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About Us

Osselaer Management Group is locally owned and managed, and serves communities throughout the Valley of the Sun. Currently a second generation privately owned company; in 2015 celebrated our 50th year in operation. Our hours of operation are 8AM-5PM Monday through Friday. Our after hours emergency service is managed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What is your communication plan with the board of directors?

Constant and complete communication is vital to the success of our partnership with your community. In addition to phone calls, emails and web posting, our communities each receive a weekly update. This update, send each Friday, is a summary of all relevant activities and functions going on in the community. It includes updates on all projects and timetables, landscaping overview, homeowner and/or vendor issues and concerns. We work with the board to develop an entire communication plan that the board wishes to have implemented. What is your recommendation for conducting board meetings and are there extra fees associated with these? Board meeting schedules are driven by the board itself and not by Osselaer Management Group. Ideally, Osselaer Management Group feels meeting monthly is necessary for effective management of your community. There is no charge for meetings lasting up to 2 hours. Meetings lasting over 2 hours are subject to a one-time fee of $45.00.

How do you keep the board updated on new laws?

All members of our community management team are certified through the Arizona Association of Community Managers for the CAAM Certification program. Additionally, we keep board members apprised of any state, local or federal laws that affect the community.

What methods do members have to pay their assessments?

Members may pay their assessments through the mail (lockbox); online through our payment portal with your bank which allows for payment by check, debit card or credit card; online bill pay services through their own bank; and via direct debiting services (ACH). Additionally, Osselaer Management Group does not charge the association any “rebilling” fees when a homeowner fails to pay by the assessment due date. Late fees are assessed by the community to the homeowner and this fee revenue goes to the community, not the management company.

How often is the community manager on site to monitor compliance?

Osselaer Management Group community managers visit their properties and perform a complete compliance inspection every single week, usually multiple times. During these visits, we meet with vendors, inspect the common areas, follow up on work orders and projects and meet the homeowners and/or board members when requested.

Can homeowners call to report issues or emergencies after business hours and are there fees associated with this?

During business hours, all callers are greeted by live receptionists. There are no automated menu systems to navigate through. After hours and weekends, Osselaer Management Group has emergency phone coverage staffed by Osselaer’s own community managers, not an outside service that has no idea of our business. We strive for no more than 20-minute response times for all emergency calls. These services do not carry any extra fees to the community and are part of our industry leading service package.

What other companies have related ownership to Osselaer Management Group?

Our CEO owns a real estate brokerage and rental management company (Paradise Homes), a landscaping company (Garden West Landscaping LLC), and a full service maintenance company (Community Maintenance Services, CMS). All companies are Licensed, Bonded and Insured.